Area residents have consistently demonstrated their strong commitment to provide a high quality public education to over 10,000 students. The Peninsula School Districts eight elementary schools, four middle schools and three high schools offer a variety of educational opportunities. Remedial and gifted students programs supplement the basic curriculum for students with special needs. The Peninsula School District enjoys a statewide reputation for meeting the educational needs of todays students who become tomorrows leaders. In addition, the Gig Harbor Peninsula has nearly a dozen private schools that provide options for Peninsula families, some church supported and other non-denominational. These include Montessori, Christian and Catholic schools.

Gig Harbor is part of Peninsula School District.

Public High Schools

  • Gig Harbor High School
  • Peninsula High School
  • Henderson Bay High School

Public Middle Schools

  • Goodman Middle School
  • Harbor Heights Middle School
  • Kopachuck Middle School
  • Key Peninsula Middle School

Public Elementary Schools

  • Voyager Elementary School
  • Harbor Heights Elementary School
  • Discovery Elementary School
  • Minter Creek Elementary School
  • Vaughn Elementary School
  • Evergreen Elementary School
  • Purdy Elementary School
  • Artondale Elementary School

Currently Peninsula School District is planning to build a new Elementary school in Gig Harbor North.  The school will be located on a site directly across from the new YMCA.

Here is a map of all Public School Locations.

The schools provide many after school activities, events and recreation.
For a glimpse, check out their District Wide Calendar.

The majority of the areas students go on to earn college and university degrees. There are numerous facilities for higher education within a fifty-mile drive. Tacoma Community College has a branch in Gig Harbor. TCC offers credit courses for an associate degree, computer certification, profession/technical, worker retraining programs, and adult education.

Many high school students in the area choose to participate in the Running Start Program at TCC. Full time Running Start students have the chance to earn their associates degree by the time they graduate from high school. Many students also use the program to gain all their graduation requirements and earn transfer credits for their future collage career.


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