The Gig Harbor Peninsula is a progressive business community built in a quality of life environment. Nestled in the heart of Puget Sound, the Gig Harbor Peninsula is

10 miles from Interstate 5
55 miles from Seattle
45 miles from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
10 miles from the Tacoma Narrows Airport
45 miles from Olympia
30 miles from Bremerton

The Gig Harbor Peninsula country atmosphere, development style and proximity to major industrial, commercial and military centers makes this area an ideal place to live, work and play. Where else can your office be located 10 minutes from a golf course, marina or your home?

All types of businesses benefit from this quality of life environment. The City of Gig Harbor and the Chamber of Commerce work actively with new and existing businesses.

Corporate administrative offices
Professional association headquarters
High tech and electronics businesses
Research and development centers
Retail, wholesale, educational, business and professional
Recreation and maritime businesses
Light manufacturing
Other businesses compatible with the Gig Harbor Peninsula quality of life

Key Peninsula Demographics

Population                                                         Key Peninsula                                                   Washington

Total Population                                                      16,274                                                              6,724,540

Male                                                                      49.93%                                                             49.8%

Female                                                                   50.07%                                                             50.2%

18 years and over                                                   77.18%                                                             76.5%

65 years and over                                                   13.11%                                                             12.3%

Married Persons                                                     42.88%                                                              53.6%

Single Persons                                                       57.12%                                                              46.4%

Median Age                                                             45.60                                                                38.30

Average Family Size                                                  2.95                                                                  3.06

Ethnicity                                                           Key Peninsula                                                      Washington

White                                                                       90.68%                                                            77.3%

Black or African American                                           0.80%                                                              3.6%     

American Indian and Alaskan Native                             1.13%                                                              1.5%     

Asian                                                                         1.63%                                                               7.2%

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander                   0.37%                                                               0.6%

Other                                                                         0.83%                                                                5.2%     

Hispanic or Latino (of any race)                                  3.97%                                                               11.2%

Housing Characteristics                                 Key Peninsula                                                      Washington

Total Housing Units                                                     7,575                                                              2,885,677

Median Home Cost                                                $259,267                                                              $283,200

Number of Households                                               5,878                                                               2,620,076

Persons per Household                                               2.52                                                                        2.51

Economic Characteristics                              Key Peninsula                                                      Washington

Median Household Income                                       $57,106                                                                 $58,890

Per Capita Income                                                  $29,518                                                                 $30,481

In Labor Force                                                         40.7%                                                                    57.9%

Families below poverty level                                        7.9%                                                                      8.4%

School Enrollment                                           Key Peninsula                                                      Washington

Elementary School Enrollment                                   1,405                                                                  684,322

High School Enrollment                                                838                                                                  368,174

Collage or Graduate School                                          621                                                                  444,869

Education Attainment of Population              Key Peninsula                                                      Washington

(25 years and older)

High School Graduate                                               17.7%                                                                   23.9%

Associates Degree                                                     6.3%                                                                     9.4%

Bachelors Degree                                                       10%                                                                    20.1%

Graduate or Professional Degree                                6.4%                                                                    11.3%

Gig Harbor and Fox Island Demographics     

Population                                                        Gig Harbor/Fox Island                                          Washington

Total Population                                                               44,413                                                          6,724,540

Male                                                                                47.64%                                                            49.8%

Female                                                                            52.36%                                                            50.2%

18 years and over                                                            77.37%                                                            76.5%

65 years and over                                                            16.62%                                                            12.3%

Married Persons                                                               49.04%                                                            53.6%

Single Persons                                                                 51.96%                                                            46.4%

Median Age                                                                      45.63                                                               38.3

Average Family Size                                                           2.9                                                                   3.1

Ethnicity                                                             Gig Harbor/Fox Island                                         Washington

White                                                                                90.55%                                                          77.3%

Black or African American                                                    1.12%                                                            3.6%     

American Indian and Alaskan Native                                      0.79%                                                            1.5%     

Asian                                                                                  2.61%                                                            7.2%

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander                            0.29%                                                            0.6%

Other                                                                                  1.02%                                                             5.2%     

Hispanic or Latino (of any race)                                           4.41%                                                            11.2%

Housing Characteristics                                    Gig Harbor/Fox Island                                         Washington

Total Housing Units                                                          18,536                                                          2,885,677

Median Home Cost                                                       $474,033                                                           $283,200

Number of Households                                                     17,220                                                          2,620,076

Persons per Household                                                      2.54                                                                 2.51

Economic Characteristics                                 Gig Harbor/Fox Island                                         Washington

Median Household Income                                             $91,719                                                           $58,890

Per Capita Income                                                        $44,521                                                           $30,481

In Labor Force                                                              47.09%                                                             57.9%

Families below poverty level                                             3.43%                                                               8.4%

School Enrollment                                              Gig Harbor/Fox Island                                        Washington

Elementary School Enrollment                                            4,247                                                         684,322

High School Enrollment                                                      2,699                                                         368,174

Collage or Graduate School                                                1,911                                                         444,869

Education Attainment of Population                 Gig Harbor/Fox Island                                         Washington

(25 years and older)

High School Graduate                                                        12.8%                                                            23.9%

Associates Degree                                                              5.1%                                                              9.4%

Bachelors Degree                                                            18.67%                                                            20.1%

Graduate or Professional Degree                                      12.38%                                                            11.3%

Occupational Breakdown, based on 2010 census

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting, and Mining    0.8%

Construction    5.5%

Manufacturing    7.5%

Wholesale Trade    4.7%

Retail Trade    11.5%

Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities    6.6%

Information    3.4%

Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Rental, and Leasing    8.8%

Professional, Scientific, Administration, and Waste Management    10.4%

Educational Services, Health Care, and Social Assistance    24.9%

Arts, Entertainment, Recreation, Accommodation, and Food Services    5%

Public Administration     5.4%

Other Services    5.5%

Geographical Information

Area: 112 square miles
Shoreline: 121 miles
City limits: 14 square miles
Urban growth area: 3,808 acres


The Cascade Mountains rim the east of the Puget Sound region and the Olympic Mountains rim the west, providing a local weather system. It creates a moderate climate, with lovely summers, Indian summers and only occasional snow in winter. Average days below freezing are only 32 while only two days average more than 90 degrees. The growing seasons ranges from 145-228 days. Gig Harbor averages less rainfall than New York City.

Average annual rainfall: 37 inches per year
Average winter temperature: 40-50 degrees (F)
Average spring temperature: 55-65 degrees (F)
Average summer temperature: 70-80 degrees (F)
Average fall temperature: 55-65 degrees (F)
Coldest month: January
Warmest month: August
75% of precipitation occurs between October and March.

Shopping Centers

Gig Harbor originally was served by the Mosquito Fleet of small boats traveling from Tacoma to various wharves in the area, supplying the communities and later the neighborhood grocery stores. While those neighborhood groceries still operate in Rosedale, Arletta, Pt Fosdick, Home, Key Center, Purdy, and Olalla, major shopping centers also have taken their place in Gig Harbor.

Downtown Gig Harbor offers a smaller grocery store, as well as boutique and speciality clothing, food and gift shops. This is where numerous art galleries and restaurants are located along with marine and hardware supplies.

Three major supermarkets operate in the shopping centers surrounding Highway 16s Olympic Interchange access to Gig Harbor. Additionally large pharmacies, hardware, banks, sporting goods, real estate brokerages hold down major square footage.

Harbor Plaza

Anchor tenants: Natural Foods, Supermarket, hardware, national drugstore, liquor store, restaurants, and banks
Minor tenants: Numerous fast food, coffee shops, jewelry,and other specialty shops.

Uptown and Safeway Center

Anchor tenants: Supermarket, restaurants, bank, 9-screen movie theater, Kohl's, Michael's, Marshall's, Home Goods
Minor tenants: Specialty shops

Olympic Village

Anchor tenants: Supermarket, bank, fast food, restaurants, and national drugstore
Minor tenants: Video, numerous fast food, camera shop, specialty stores

Gig Harbor North

  • Target

  • Home Depot

  • Office Depot

  • Pier 1

  • Costco

  • Albertson's

  • Town & Country Market coming in 2017

  • Other tenants: supermarket, banks, coffee shops, video, numerous fast food and other specialty stores. This area is also planned for a large big box store for the future.

Tax Structure

Property Taxes
Real property taxes are used to fund local schools, fire district, and library district.
For current tax rates contact the Pierce County Assessor at 253-798-6111.

City of Gig Harbor
Property taxes are administered through Pierce County.
Utility tax: 5%

State of Washington
Sales tax: 8.5% (for most items, including city, county and state, not on food)

There is no state income tax.
State Business and Occupation Tax 0.0013-0.033%


Sewage disposal service is provided within the City of Gig Harbor and to a modest number of accounts outside its city limits. Outside of the city of Gig Harbor, most of the service area utilizes septic drainfields for permanent sewage disposal.

Gig Harbor Peninsula has over 100 small water systems, having 15 or more connections. 44 separate water purveyors are responsible for operating these systems. The three largest purveyors on the Peninsula are Washington Water Service Company, City of Gig Harbor Water Department, and Rainier View Water Company. Peninsula Light also provides water service to some of its customers.

Telephone: CenturyLink
Communications and TV: Comcast

Electric power is supplied by Peninsula Light Company. Peninsula Light Co serves approximately 26,000 members in a 107-square mile area of Pierce County west of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The service area includes Key Peninsula, Gig Harbor Peninsula, Fox Island, Tanglewood Island, Raft Island and Herron Island.

Puget Sound Energy: Propane gas is used on all the islands in the area, as well as Key Peninsula.



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